Hand Care

Manicures – Includes Full Nail Prep

  • Gel Manicure £27.00
  • Gel Removal £8.00
  • Gel Removal & Revive £17.00
  • Vinylux Polish Manicure £18.00

BIAB Manicure

Builder in a Bottle (BIAB) is a harder, strengthening gel. It is perfect for those who struggle to grow their nails, or if you find that your nails chip easily.

  • BIAB Manicure application only, no colour £28.00
  • BIAB with colour £30.00
  • BIAB Removal & Revive from £20.00
  • BIAB Full Removal/infills and Re-application of Gel £40.00
  • BIAB full removal/infills with no colour £38.00

Pamper Manicures

You will experience the quintessential OPI Spa products combined with an exfoliation, relaxing massage and acupressure.

  • Gel Manicure £35.00/£45.00*
  • Vinylux File & Polish £30.00/£40.00*

*upgrade to include collagen gloves and heated mittens

Nail Art

  • Per nail £1.00

Foot Care

Pedicures – Include Full Nail Prep

  • Vinylux Polish Pedicure £18.00
  • Gel Pedicure £27.00

Pamper Pedicure

Experience a new standard in pedicure services. The Pamper Pedicure will soak, exfoliate and smooth calloused feet. The service is completed with a regimen of massage and acupressure techniques to reduce stress and relieve tension.

  • Gel Pamper Pedicure  £45.00/£55.00*
  • Vinylux Polish Pamper Pedicure £40.00/£50.00*

*upgrade to include collagen mask and heated booties

Nail Art

  • Per nail £1.00

Please note if  not removing our own Gel there will be an additional charge.

For the Gentleman

  • Pamper Pedicure £30.00
  • Pamper Manicure £25.00


Microdermabrasion is not just for your face, one session of microdermabrasion can remove callus and dry cracks on the heels. Our microdermabrasion pedicures comes with a foot soak, scrub and massage. If you’d like to finish your pedicure with polish, you can choose from either Gel for £8 or Vinylux for £5.

  • Microdermabrasion for the feet £55.00