ila Wraps 

  • ila Pearl & Jasmine Scrub with Amethyst wrap (90 mins) £95.00

This amazing salt scrub has immediate effect of restoring vitality and energy levels, mental clarity, wellbeing and strength. The ensuring wrap relaxes and balances the nervous system, stimulating circulation, regeneration of skin cells and skin growth.

  • ila Body Wrap for Bio-Energising (90 mins) £95.00

in this deeply rejuvenating treatment, an energising and detoxifying scrub is intensified by the addition of a mud wrap, drawing deeper toxins from the cells. Revitalising the skin and lymphatic system, the wrap physically detoxifies and cleanses the body, removing waste products, re-energising and softening the skin, it can also promote profound healing in the energy body.


Express Body Treats

  • ila Instantly detoxifying Scrub (30 mins) £50.00

This energising full body scrub targets cellulite, stress & exhaustion. Drawing on the ionising properties of Himalayan Salt Crystals, it stimulates circulation and toxin elimination, uplifting mind, body and spirits.

  • ila Instantly blissful Scrub (30 mins) £50.00

Using the healing properties of Himalayan Salt Crystals, this soothing all over scrub restores and relaxes the nervous system, leaving the skin glowing and the body infused with a sense of enhanced wellbeing.


ila Scrubs

  • Energising and Detoxifying Body Renewal (60 mins) £80.00

This body renewal is subtly massaged into the skin resulting in rapid exfoliation of toxins and tensions. On a subtle level, it cleanses and strengthens the bio energy fields leaving mind, body and spirits uplifted.

  • Blissful Body Renewal (60 mins) £80.00

Using the healing properties of Himalayan Salt Crystals, this heavenly body scrub nourishes both physical and emotional wellbeing, ideal for when special pampering is required. Pure essential oils of Damascena rose otto, jasmine and sandalwood work directly with the sensory organs to settle the nervous system and revive stressed or neglected cells. Skin is left glowing and a sense of joy is restored.